NFL Proves Double Standard Exists By Fining Odell Beckham Jr For Honoring Craig Sager


After the NFL announced that it would not have fined Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for jumping into the red Salvation Army kettle last Sunday night vs Tampa Bay, Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. turned to Twitter to voice his frustration with the double standard in the NFL:

Well as it turns out, Odell is right.

The Giants wide receiver posted on Instagram that he had been fined $18,000 by the NFL for wearing cleats to honor the late Craig Sager who passed away earlier this week. Beckham announced before the game that he auctioned off the cleats and donated the proceeds to the Sager Strong Foundation for cancer research:

“There’s double standards everywhere, it’s just how life is. I’m absolutely positive if I would’ve done that, I would’ve been fined. It’s whatever. It’s nothing against Zeke. Zeke is my boy. I have a Zeke jersey right there, so there’s no problems with anything like that. You set rules and limitations, but you don’t follow them.”

The NFL didn’t fine Ezekiel Elliott, just penalized the Cowboys at the time, Elliott announced after the game that he would donate $21,000 to the Salvation Army.

However, in the case of Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL fined Beckham for one premeditated gesture designed to raise money for a worthy cause, but didn’t fine Elliott for one spontaneous gesture that happened to raise money for a worthy cause. It’s hard to argue Beckham’s claim of a double standard.

Double standards clearly exists in the NFL as their inconsistencies on the way they handle everything from domestic violence to simple celebration penalties and all you have to do is to look no further than this situation.