Giants Caught Once Again Potentially Breaking NFL Rules On Sideline vs Eagles


The New York Giants are just a few days removed from being slapped with a hefty $200,000 fine and a draft pick adjustment for using unregulated walkie-talkies on the sideline during their win vs the Cowboys last week.

After suffering a 24-19 loss in a crucial divisional game to the Philadelphia Eagles, someone spotted a member of the Giants staff using a cell phone on the sidelines in a non-medical capacity.


Here’s how the league rules spell out the use of electronics:

“This prohibition also applies to the use of any electronic communication devices, including but not limited to a cell phone, smart phone, tablet device, or any type of computer, whether online or stand-alone, including laptop and hand-held computers, in the coaches’ booths, on the sidelines, in the locker room (after kickoff), or in any other club-controlled area on game day beginning ninety (90) minutes prior to kickoff and continuing through the end of the game, including halftime (with the exception of League-issued tablets used for coaches’ still photos.

“Team doctors and members of the athletic training staff are permitted to use tablet devices, cell phones, smart phones, or similar devices within the bench area and locker room to communicate player injury information, but may not communicate competitive or strategic information.

“Club football operations staff members are permitted to use cell phones outside the coaches’ booths, bench areas, and locker rooms only when handling non-competitive and/or non-strategic communication.”

It’s unclear what the Giants staffer was using the cellphone for, and it’s unclear at this time if the NFL will launch another investigation on the matte.r