REPORT: Cowboys Plan On Playing Mark Sanchez Over Tony Romo As Dak Prescott’s Backup


With a division title wrapped up and home field advantage in the NFC secured, many expected that former Cowboys starter Tony Romo would see action after being held from such since the preseason with a fractured back.

With the Cowboys steamrolling the Lions Monday night in Dallas, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett kept Prescott in the game, not opting to potentially wipe rust away from Romo in case of an emergency situation in the playoffs.

That doesn’t appear to be the case now, with reports surfacing that the team doesn’t even plan to let Romo see action in their final game, making Mark Sanchez the backup to Dak Prescott, using the former Broncos QB the entire game in Week 17.


Via – Sports Day

In the latest Candidly Cowboys podcast, Jon Machota and Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News talk about all sorts of Cowboys-Eagles topics, as well as reviewing the Cowboys’ Monday night win against the Lions.

From the latest podcast:

George: I don’t think it’s very smart to play Dak next week. I get you want to keep momentum and Dak said he wants to continue to play. I would play him for the first half against Philly and then put him on the bench. There’s no reason to continue to push this envelope.

Machota: If you do that, then Mark Sanchez is coming in because Jerry Jones made it clear Romo won’t just be coming in for a few series to knock off rust.

George: I don’t care if Lance Dunbar is at quarterback, as long as Dak is on the bench and not getting hurt. Dak was asked about the Carr and Marriota injuries and he just said, ‘well, that’s football. You have to take your chances.’ I don’t know, they need to protect Dak from Dak at this point.

Machota: I feel that way about Zeke too. There’s something to being young and everything going well, you feel like you’re invincible.

George: I think the Cowboys have to do the same thing with Zeke next week that they did this week; limit his carries and don’t get him pounded. If you start your starters for even a half in Philadelphia, you have a chance to win. Philly doesn’t have anything to play for although they beat New York, but if the Cowboys lose the game, they lose the game. It’s not a big deal.
How would you feel if Dak Prescott got hurt in the third quarter against the Eagles? It would be the stupidest thing ever. You probably throw out all Super Bowl hopes. In a perfect world Tony Romo comes in and saves the day, but we don’t even know what Tony looks like. We’ve seen him in practice but not a game situation.