REPORT: NFL Looking Into Possibly Kicking Chargers Out Of League After Loss To Browns

iconNEW YORK CITY, NY – The NFL’s league office is reportedly in an unprecedented predicament today, just days after the Chargers managed to pull of the most embarrassing loss in NFL history.

The Chargers marched into Cleveland Saturday to take on the winless Cleveland Browns, and after once again inviting another way to lose a football game, they fell to Cleveland in front of a crowd of 37 people, 20-17.

Roger Goodall and league officials are said to have met at approximately 3:15 in New York Tuesday to discuss to iminate relocation of the franchise who has called San Deigo it’s home since 1961.

After owner Dean Spanos expressed interest in moving the team to Los Angeles, the NFL has come up with an alternate plan to move them to college football.


“We can’t have teams going winless the entire season,” Goodall noted. “With that said, we can’t have teams losing to the Browns. That’s different.”

The league is speaking with Larry Scott, commissioner of the PAC-12, in lue of a possible opening for the 2017 season as part of an expansion.

Chargers management is obviously not in favor with the proposition, but barring a two-thirds majority vote, the move could take place as early as this offseason.