JJ Watt Visits Child Who Had Jersey Cut Off In Car Crash To Give Him New One


HOUSTON, TX – A young child was injured in a serious car crash in Matagorda Beach Saturday night, but his recovery is one many Texans fans are envious of.

After a driver lost control and crashed into two parked cars, one of which Noah Fulmer was in, the 8-year-old suffered severe injuries to both of his legs.

One of Fulmer’s relatives said he was very upset after paramedics had to cut him out of his #99 JJ Watt jersey and tweeted such to the Texans star. With the good guy Watt is, he responded Monday night offering to bring the boy a new jersey.


And that he did…

After word got out about Noah’s injuries sustained in the crash A GoFundMe has been set up to be set up to lessen the burden of medical expenses.