Gillette Stadium Chants “Roger, Roger!” Mocking Commisioner, Trolls Him On Jumbotron

Roger Goodell would have been able to witness this himself, that is if he was at Gillette Stadium.

The commissioner chose to suspiciously make a trip to the Georgia Dome for a second straight week Sunday to attend the NFC Championship, skipping out on the AFC Championship. Since the conclusion of ‘deflate-gate’ saga, Goodell has dodged going to a single Patriots game all season, presumably in fear of perhaps his safety, but surely to mockery.

Turns out, he doesn’t have to be there for Patriots fans to go through with such, with Gillette Stadium chanting his name with the team up big and a birth to the Super Bowl on the horizon.


They also trolled Goodell on the jumbotron.

The shade continued into the locker room postgame: