Tony Romo and John Elway Flicker Trade Rumors After Photo Surfaces Of Two Together During The Inauguration

<> at AT&T Stadium on September 28, 2014 in Arlington, Texas.


In today’s world, it doesn’t take long for a rumor to gain some steam.

Ever since rookie sensation Dak Prescott took the reigns in Dallas as the team’s starting quarterback, rumors have been swirling, linking Tony Romo to the Denver Broncos.


Everyone was looking for a glimmer of hope or just a small hint that a Tony Romo to Denver would become a reality.

Well that glimmer of hope came when a picture surfaced of Denver Broncos VP of Football Operations, John Elway and Tony Romo were spotted hanging out at a party during the Inauguration this past weekend:

Does Romo posing for a picture with a Hall of Fame quarterback mean that Romo is Denver bound? No way. But the Internet will tell you otherwise.

Regardless what the rumors are, a Tony Romo to Denver move would absolutely make sense for both sides. Romo’s days in Dallas are all but over, although, I must say the love affair Jerry Jones has with Tony Romo could alter those plans.

Romo has also expressed interest in playing for the Broncos, who as a team, are just one very important piece away from returning to the playoffs and competing for another Lombardi Trophy.

Whether Romo is released or traded, do not be surprised if we continue to hear Denver’s name as a potential landing spot. After all, it makes just too much sense.