Idiot Falcons Fans Think On-Screen Graphic Proves Super Bowl Was Rigged For Patriots


A 25-point lead seemingly evaporated out of thin air by arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, nearing the end of his career to obtain his fifth ring? It does sound improbable. Some thing too improbably.

Super Bowl LI had such a mind-boggling, unbelievable outcome that fans are now taking to social media with their conspiracy theories, including this absurd one:


In her caption, she explained –

Did anyone else notice this moment?!? With 12:07 left on the OT clock this caption ran across the bottom of the screen! The game touch down didn’t happen until the clock was on 11:03. Can we say FIXED!!!!

Sadly, she’s not alone. The post currently has 90,000 shares and thousands of comments agreeing with her, ironically about a graphic that’s put on screen to help clarify the rules to these very people.

Other theories being used by Falcons fans includes that of James White never reached the goal line on the play that won the game before his knee was down.

Also, somehow, Donald Trump is involved in the outcome…