Amari Cooper Repays Mom With House & Car Of Her Dreams, Posts Heartfelt Message


Athletes buying family members houses and cars is nothing new in the world of sports, but it’s the story that makes it extra special, espcailly for Amari Cooper.

At just 22-years-old, the Raiders WR purchased his mother the house and car of her dreams. Michelle Green brought Cooper up in the projects of Liberty City, Miami, working multiple jobs, taking extra shifts, all without a car. Green would walk miles to and from work and to purchase groceries for her and her son.


Cooper has told stories of that include being too tired to go to the store with his mother,  so she walked the three miles there alone and carried back everything herself. Cooper mentioned he felt ashamed of not walking with her, especially with her coming back covered in marks on his mother’s arms from carrying the heavy bags.

“I just kept it to myself. It was just an example of how hard she worked, her getting off work so late or working so hard all ready. She sacrificed for us. You want to know how much somebody loves you, just look at how much they sacrifice.”

(SB Nation)