Fake Dolphins Player Accused Of Scamming Women Into Sleeping With Him


Thanks to the MTV hit show Catfish, misrepresenting yourself to someone for your gain has become all to common.

Ricardo Agnant, took “catfishing” to a whole new level, scamming women into believing he’s a player for the Miami Dolphins to get them to sleep with him for three years.

Agnant, who goes by the nickname “Maserati Rick” (despite never owning a Maserati), even went to the length of sneaking into the NFL Regional combine at the Dolphins’ training facility, despite having never played football in college. Even worse, there’s no official record that he even attended college.


In April 2014, Agnant posted a photo of what appeared to be him signing a contract with the Dolphins, using a heavy filter to disguise the real Dolphin player in the photo.


According to Black Sports Online, the catfish even made car dealerships think he played for the Miami Dolphins, test driving expensive cars, using the drives as an opportunity to take photos and use them for his social media posts, pretending he owns them.


Agnant’s cover was blown when Redskins linebacker Lynden Trail asked his Facebook followers why “Black athletes with money marry white women?” Agnant then posted a response saying that black women are not “coachable” and they’re “stubborn, close-minded and always want to argue and be the boss.” The backlash after those comments was so great that Trail had to respond by tweeting out a photo of his black family to try to put distance between himself and “Maserati Rick.”

Agnant has since changed his Instagram name.

(The Grio)