Ravens Player Gets Straight A’s In MIT Math PhD Program During NFL Offseason


The demands for an average NFL player can be grueling, but Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel is no average NFL player.

Urschel not only plays for the Ravens, but also juggles grad school, where he studies mathematics at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But not only does he attend, he gets straight A’s.

Urschel tweeted out his accomplishment after obtaining his 4.0 with four PhD level classes.

The 24-year-old, 305-pound lineman earned his bachelor’s degree in just three years at Penn State, and spent his senior year working on a master’s degree in mathematics, while being paid by Penn State to teach Integral Vector Calculus Trigonometry, all while playing football.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens OG John Urschel portrait Penn State University/State College, PA 4/13/2015 X159500 TK1 Credit: Steve Boyle

Urschel won the “Academic Heisman” in 2013, an honor given to college football’s top scholar-athlete.

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