Cleveland Browns Already Hate Their New Uniforms, Plan On Redoing Them, Switching To White Helmets


The Cleveland Browns unveiled their new, revamped uniforms less than two years ago hoping they would at least look good losing. Well they haven’t stopped loses and apparently they don’t look good either.

At the annual NFL owners meetings this week, team co-owner Dee Haslam let his feelings known about the look, saying there were numerous problems.

According to Haslam, the nine uniform combinations make for a busy design.He also noted that there’s an issue with the fabric that makes the jerseys tight and uncomfortable for the players.

The Browns spent about two years in itself designing the new uniforms, and redesigning them won’t come cheap or quick for numerous reasons.

Per NFL rules, a franchise can’t change uniforms more than once every five years, meaning the Browns will be stuck with what they’ve got until 2019.

The team will likely begin the redesign after the 2017 season and though Haslam didn’t want to give away any secrets, one rumor, according to a team source, says they are “seriously looking” at the possibility of using white helmets instead of their signature orange ones. The Browns did in fact wear white helmets between 1946 and 1949, ironically winning a championship each year.

(CBS Sports)