NFL Passes Two Impactful Rules


Every year, the 32 NFL owners meet in a city (this year Phoenix) and they review a number of things, one of those things include a review of the rules and how they can make the game of football safer and more enjoyable.

This year, the NFL and the Competition Committee has voted to pass two rules that will have a najor impact around the league.

One of the rules make some sense, the other however, doesn’t. Either way, get ready for some changes:

Over the last few years, many teams have been sending safeties or linebackers to jump over the line on field goal attempts to block them; It was one of the more exciting plays in football.

Kam Chancellor, who’s an amazing athlete was able to put it off:

Many will say, “Oh here we go, the No Fun League is at it again” , but one thing is for sure, the whole block attempt is somewhat of a safety hazard. It was only a matter of time before a player jumped too late and flew into a lineman.

All in all, the field goal attempt will go back to being basically impossible to block.

The next rule approved was a rule adopted from the college game and will have a huge impact as well:

The NFL’s doing everything in it’s power to reduce concussions and ensure the safety of the players as they’ve voted to pass a rule that would automatically eject a guilty player for what is being called an, “egregious hit to the head.”

What constitutes as an egregious hit to the head will be as big of a question mark as what exactly a catch is in the NFL. It will most likely be up to the referee’s discretion and will cause even more controversy.