Von Miller Wants Broncos To Hire Choreographer To Help Come Up With TD Celebrations

Last week, the NFL announced it would relax it’s strict celebration penalties for players celebrating after touchdowns, sacks, and other big plays.

Von Miller was one of those players fined repeatedly by the league for his sack dances, and the star Broncos linebacker already has plans to take advantage of the lenient new policies.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant apparently wants the team to hire a choreographer to help plan out some dances for when the moment strikes.


Via Denver Post

“I think that is a wonderful thing,” he said of the rule change. “It’s so hard to score a touchdown and it’s so hard to get a sack. The fans, they want excitement. I think a rule change would be great. We have to get a choreographer in here now to for us to really take advantage of the opportunity we have. We have this opportunity and we should really — the entire National Football League will not be able to take advantage of it. But the five percent that do take advantage of it, it could be big. I’m happy with it. Just think about it.

“You get a touchdown and you got five offensive linemen and they have a little Temptations routine. It’ll be great. We have to get a choreographer once a week to help all of the guys out because everybody can’t move like me. I think it’s a wonderful thing, not only for the Denver Broncos, but for the entire National Football League.”
Employee recognition. Miller attended the Broncos’ annual employee recognition day last week and stayed behind two hours after practice to help honor many within the organization.