Crazy Stat Says LeBron James Will Lose This Year’s Finals Because Of Alabama Football

With the NBA Finals approaching, odds makers and betters are looking for anything to give them the upper-hand. Alabama Football likely wasn’t on the top of their lists.

Discovered by a Redditor on Monday, LeBron James has never won an NBA title when the Crimson Tide didn’t win a national championship in football that same year.

The Crimson Tide of course lost in the National Championship to Clemson on a last second Tigers touchdown earlier this year.

Here’s how things panned out in the past six years:

2011-2012: Alabama wins title, LeBron wins title

2012-2013: Alabama wins title, LeBron wins title

2013-2014: Alabama loses Sugar Bowl, LeBron loses Finals

2014-2015: Alabama loses College Football Playoff semifinals, LeBron loses Finals

2015-2016: Alabama wins title, LeBron wins Finals

2016-2017: Alabama loses title game, LeBron ___?

The Bama/James connection even applies for the 2006-07 and 2010-11 seasons, where the Crimson Tide failed to even reach the title game. LeBron subsequently lost in the Finals that year.