Marshawn Lynch Gets A Red Card For Going ‘BeastMode’ At Charity Soccer Game

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is really good at football but apparently the artist formally known as “BeastMode” isn’t good at futbol.

Marshawn Lynch made a brief entrance during a charity soccer game that was organized by former Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers player Steve Zakuani. The game featured many MLS players and former NFL star and soccer fan Chad Johnson.

Beast Mode made his appearance at the start of the second half, an appearance that lasted no more than 30 seconds


Lynch rolled onto the pitch wearing flip flops, made his way to the opponent’s penalty box where he took a pass from a teammate. By a “take a pass” we mean Lynch literally “picked the ball up with his hands, ran past two defenders that probably remembered what Lynch did to Tracy Porter during that Playoff Game in 2010, leaving the goal keeper and whatever Lynch wanted to do.

The goalie ended up on his back and Lynch ended up in the goal with the ball in his hands. The referee proceeded to show Lynch the red card for his antics:

His response? Grabbing the red card out of the referee’s hand and ripping it up and punting the ball high into the air and chase down the flip flop that flew 20 yards after the punt.

Lynch did end up shaking the referees hand on his way to the sidelines showing that everything was all in good fun.