Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith Doesn’t Look Like A Guy That Is Ready To Play Football

When the Dallas Cowboys selected linebacker Jaylon Smith in the second round of the 2016 Draft, the fanbase began dreaming of the day the All-American linebacker would see the field.

Well that day is here, sort of.

Smith participated in the teams’ first practice today, a practice that did not include pads or a helmet and judging by this video, it doesn’t seem like Smith is ready to return to the field.


Smith looked a bit hobbled, tentative and even a bit tender running around the field and remember, he wasn’t wearing any pads or a helmet.

I’m not doctor but it doesn’t seem like Smith’s knee is fully recovered.

Will that day ever come the promising young player can become the linebacker the Cowboys hope?  We’ll find out but judging by this video, doesn’t seem likely it’s anytime soon.