Lucky Whitehead’s Unlucky Month Continues As He’s Claimed Off Waivers By The New York Jets

The most unluckiest person in the NFL right now is probably a guy named Lucky Whitehead.

Let’s recap:

Whitehead first came to the spotlight when it was reported (by himself) that his dog was stolen by his ex-girlfriend and sold to SoundCloud rappers who then held the dog for ransom. A week later, as Lucky had just reported to Cowboys training camp, a report came out that Whitehead had been arrested for shop lifting in Virginia.


The Dallas Cowboys, who rarely cut players that commit crimes, decided to cut him a few hours after the arrest came into the spotlight. Immediately following, it was proven that the police made a mistake and Lucky, who had no idea of the arrest was innocent.

After being cut by the Cowboys,  Lucky Whitehead was claimed off waivers by quiet possibly the worst team in the NFL… the New York Jets:

Lucky Whitehead is one hundred percent the most unluckiest player in the NFL right now.