Martavis Bryant Hasn’t Been Reinstated By The NFL Because He’s Yet to “Satisfy League Requirements” 

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The NFL seems to never get it right and nothing seems to show that more the case of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant.

The NFL sort-of reinstated Bryant but he isn’t allowed to participate in practice with teammates nor is he allowed to play in any preseason or regular season games and no one from the league’s offie seems to have a clear cut answer as to why!

Ben Roethlisberger recently told reporters this:

Both Bryant’s legal and sports team suggest that the NFL is dragging their feet on this issue, leaving both of them to wait in the wings for a final decision to be made.

​According to league spokesman Brian McCarthy, Bryant has yet to satisfy all requirements that the league has imposed on him:

“He would be permitted to participate in all preseason activities, including practices and games, once he satisfies requirements.”

​Although he has been “conditionally” reinstated, it’s entirely unclear what these “requirements” are to receive full reinstatement.

Bryant is still allowed to join his team at the training facility and participate in meetings, conditioning work and similar activities.

Per Ray Fittpaldo, the writer of the Gazette article, “It’s also worth noting if and when Bryant is allowed to practice with the team this summer he will be up for review by the NFL before the start of the regular season.”

God forbid the league do something with some sense.

Recently, Bryant spoke with MMQB about his past issue with drug abuse:

This entire situation needs to be straightened out by the NFL. Bryant says he’s done everything asked of him, yet the league is still holding out.

​It needs to be figured out as soon as possible, or else the Steelers will spend another season without him. They want to avoid that at all costs.​​