New Orleans Saints Fans Are Raising Money For This Hilarious Billboard Trolling Falcons

It costs to be petty sometimes and these New Orleans Saints fans are willing to pay up.

A group of them, led by a t-shirt company in the New Orleans area, are raising funds to put a billboard up in Atlanta near the new home of the Falcons.

The billboard will feature the same numbers that have been tormenting the Falcons since Super Bowl 51:

It would reportedly cost $1,000 per week to keep the billboard up, so fans have to feel really passionate about trolling their division rival Falcons to participate. A more financially smarter idea would be just to hang the billboard the week the Saints are in town.

Even though the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl and have been tormented by joke and memes about their ultimate collapse, they still walked away from 2016-17 with a better season than the Saints.

Then again, the Saints have something the Falcons don’t: a Super Bowl ring.

Eh, rivalries are fun anyways — let the trolling commence!