Apparently Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey Thinks The Team Should Replace QB Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles is not a good quarterback and nothing seems to show that more than his performance at training camp so far.

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback threw five interceptions during a practice in July, he followed it up by throwing a terrible pass to WR Allen Robinson that led the WR to yell at the quarterback, “keep the shit in bounds bro, god damn.”

Seems like a lot of his teammates are starting to get frustrated by Bortles’ struggles but are keeping their frustration to themselves.


Except one player.

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey took to Instagram and ‘liked’ an image that suggests the franchise needs to move on from their current starting quarterback.


Ramsey quickly unliked the post, but not before a screen shot was taken.