Former Kansas City Chiefs Player Neil Smith Rescues Pregnant Women From Flood

Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Neil Smith was already a local legend in the Kansas City area, yet somehow he was able to excel himself even more.

Smith found himself rescuing a women who was nine months pregnant from an out of control flood recently.

Fox 4 has the details:

“A pregnant woman has a Chiefs legend to thank for her rescue on Tuesday, one of dozens of people rescued from flood waters following historic rains. Neil Smith recorded 592 tackles in his 13-year NFL career, including 104 sacks, but on Tuesday he “tackled” something much more important.

The former Chiefs star put on a hard rush to help a woman in her minivan caught in rising water.  The former defensive end who made his life in the trenches said he wasn`t going to let waist-high water stop him from getting to that stranded driver.

“I was just right in the right place at the right time,” Smith told FOX 4′s Dave D’Marko during an exclusive interview.”

“When I came out there this lady, she was driving and I couldn`t believe she was in there and she just got to the point where the car stalled,” Smith said.

That`s when a familiar face in a 6`4″ frame came to her rescue.

“She was in there, I didn`t know if she had kids, because she was about nine-months pregnant and she was very short, so I had to walk her out of there,” Smith recalled.

Awesome to hear stuff like this.