Fan Starts Petition For Brock Osweiler To Donate The Money He Robbed From Texans Back To Houston

The sports world has stepped up in efforts to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief funds in a big way.

Numerous NFL teams, owners and players have pledged to donate $1 million to aid the displaced victims of the storm, notably Houston’s own, J.J. Watt, who has started a fund that’s raised close to $15 million and counting.

Fans are now calling on another player to donate, former Texans QB Brock Osweiler. There is a petition calling for Osweiler to donate a portion for his massive $72 million contract Houston gave him back to the city.


The petition reads: Brock Osweiler was signed by the Houston Texans a year ago, and we all know how that worked out. Hurricane Harvey tragically rolled through southeast this week is what was the biggest disaster in Houston since Osweiler’s tenure. After a year of watching Brock, a man who was offered a $72 million dollar contract who now can’t even start for the Browns, Houston fans deserve for him to return some of the money he robbed back to the community. Brock, we are asking for you to donate a portion of your contract back to Houston so it can be dispersed to aid in charge of purchasing food & supplies to the victims. But please, we beg you, have someone else send it, your check would probably get intercepted in the mail.

You can see/sign the petition here.