Ohio State Defender Gets Ejected For “Targeting” Because He Hit A Guy Too Hard

Ohio State’s Denzel Ward was ejected from Saturday game against Maryland for doing his job, and doing it well.

The cornerback laid a brutal, yet perfectly legal hit on Maryland receiver Taivon Jacobs, knocking the ball loose in the process. Not only was the fumble incorrectly blown dead, taking a sure touchdown off the board for the Buckeyes, but Ohio state was incorrectly flagged 15 yards and Ward was incorrectly ejected from the game for “targeting.”

The rule issued in effort to try and minimize helmet-to-helmet hits in college football states that a defender will be called for –

  • Making “forcible contact against an opponent with the helmet crown,” or the top of the tackler’s head.
  • Making “forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent.”

Ward never even made contact to the WR with his helmet and the defender was facing Ward, running in his direction as the hit was issued.

By rule, Ward is now suspended for the first half of Ohio State’a next game.