ESPN Poll Discovers Over 40% Of NFL Players Do Not Want Jay Cutler To Be On Their Team

After his forgettable tenure with the Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler sure seemed like a guy who was ready to call it quits.

He even accepted a TV gig with FOX Sports.

Then, the Miami Dolphins suffered a huge blow at QB with Ryan Tannehill tearing his ACL and the head coach enlisted the help of Cutler, whom he use to coach in Chicago.

Cutler had a career year in Chicago under Adam Gase but even that and the fact that the Dolphins offered him $10 million was enough until his wife convinced him to chase the money and that’s exactly what Cutler did.

Many players took note of that and given his already odd demeanor on the field, players around the league would not want to play on a team that has Cutler under center

And according to this ESPN poll, 42% of players that were polled don’t want Cutler on their team.

“I’m not even sure he wants to play,” one player said of the current Dolphins quarterback

No other quarterback received more than a 6% vote.


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