Redskins RB Won’t Allow His Family To Go To Philadelphia And Be Around Eagles Fans

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles fanbase has a reputation that seems to follow them everywhere they go.

Washington Redskins running back Chris Thompson has experienced firsthand the nature of the Philadelphia fan base and wouldn’t let any of his loved ones go near it.

The Eagles and Redskins were playing for first place in the NFC East in 2015, one day after Christmas. During pregame, Thompson went into the end zone for his prayer ritual.

Thompson told ESPN 980:


“You see a lot of the players pregame when we run out of the tunnel, guys just go pray or whatever in the end zone and I went and prayed in the end zone, and one of the (fans) told me, he was like, ‘God’s not going to help you today.’ And I was like oh, shoot. I heard it while I was praying. I was like dang, all right, that’s a little harsh.”

Now, this story doesn’t compare to the other incidents Eagles fans are been a part of including booing and throwing snow balls at Santa Claus in 1968 but it’s enough for Thompson to not bring his family to Philadelphia.

“I heard that’s the one stadium you keep your family from going to, my family will be here this week, and they were like, ‘I want to come to the Philly game.’ I said, ‘Absolutely not, you’re going to have to wait until Dallas comes around.’ Because my stepdad, he’s a big guy. And if he starts fighting, it’ll be real bad out there. I was told that right away my rookie year: Keep your family away.”


The Redskins will travel up i-95 and take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football this week.


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