Giants’ Damon Harrison And Carl Banks Go At It On Twitter After Eli Manning’s Benching

The New York Giants are a colossal mess and the benching of Eli Manning made things worse.

After the announcement was made that Big Blue was benching the long-time quarterback in favor of Geno Smith, legendary New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks took to Twitter to voice his passionate defense of Eli:


The final tweet of the series didn’t sit well with Giants all-pro defensive tackle Damon Harrison who took exception to Banks’ bringing up the speculation that some players on the Giants quitting:


Banks responded:


I don’t think anyone can dispute anything that Carl Banks was saying, he was spot on his opinion about the way the Giants handled the benching of Eli Manning. You also can’t blame Damon Harrison, who’s standing up for his teammates that are being accused of quitting.

Banks also addressed the situation on his weekly radio spot on WFAN:

The Giants are a hot mess and it seems to be getting worse and worse, day by day.

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