Odell Beckham Jr. Points Out Double Standard Over Media Reaction To Players’ Sideline Outbursts

On Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a verbal altercation with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sidelines after McDaniels pointed out to Brady, that he did something wrong.

The outbursts from Brady was so strong, he had to be restrained by trainers. After the game, the media and news outlet pointed at the outburst as passion and Brady’s fiery attitude.

Beckham backed up his claimed with an Instagram post.



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The outburst from Brady was brought up by many on social media as to the media would portray it had it been other players and Odell Beckham Jr’s name was one of those players. Beckham Jr., who’s known for his outbursts on the sidelines and the outrage towards him is much different compared to Tom Brady and the Giants WR sees it, so he took to Twitter to point it out:

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson made a valid point on Twitter in regards to how even though it might not be right, the way people react to the actions of players is really determined on who the player is and what have they accomplished:

Whether we agree or disagree with Robinson, it’s clear that a double standard exists when it comes to stuff like this.

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