The Ravens Would Be In The Playoffs If They Asked Madden On 4th Down Against The Bengals

Despite entering Sunday with a 94% chance of making the playoffs coming into Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens are on the outside looking in because of one single play.

All the Ravens had to do was stop the Bengals on a 4th & 12 play with seconds to go in the game. They failed to do so.

Turns out, if Baltimore’s defense would have just asked Madden for the recommended play, they would have been in a position to stop Tyler Boyd from being able to catch quarterback Andy Dalton’s pass and get to the end zone.


The Ravens tried to fool Dalton into thinking a safety blitz was on, only for Eric Weddle not being able to drop back in time to get into coverage. Had Weddle remained deep near the first down marker like Madden suggests, Dalton would not have been able to throw over top of him.


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