Saints’ Marcus Williams Locks All Social Media Accounts After Receiving Death Threats

Marcus Williams is public enemy number 1 in New Orleans.

The Saints safety was having a spectacular rookie season and up until the final play of Sunday’s game, you could describe Williams’ play as pretty good. He was making plays and even had a crucial interception that set the Saints up to erase a 17-0 lead.

But then on the final play, Williams whiffed on a tackle that probably would’ve ended the game, instead, it was one of the greatest plays in NFL history as Stefon Diggs scored the game-winning touchdown.


Since then, it’s been hell for the 21-year-old and it’s gotten so bad, he had disable comments on Instagram to get away from it.

Here’s a sample of some of the comments Williams was receiving, via TMZ:


That wasn’t all, Here’s how it looked on Twitter: