Philadelphia Police Have Come Up With New Idea To Keep Eagles Fans From Climbing Street Poles

Philadelphia PD is going to take drastic measures to make sure Philadelphia Eagles fans stop climbing street poles and have now come up with a new idea as the city prepares for their hometown Eagles to play in Super Bowl 52:

Just days before the big game, Philadelphia police are planning on using gear oil to keep any would-be pole climbers away, according to FOX 29 in Philadelphia:


“It’s thick. You can’t get it off your clothes. It smells and really tough to clean up.”

Sources say police plan to use a form of gear oil instead of Crisco oil to grease poles along Broad Street and up in the Northeast for Sunday nights expected Eagles celebration.  

Tom Flora says fans should be aware if you’re planning on wearing your favorite Birds jersey and scaling up a pole with this stuff on it. Well, good luck trying to clean your jersey.”

If the Eagles manage to capture the team’s first Super Bowl in history, I don’t think many fans will be caring about their clothing as they celebrate in the streets of Philadelphia.

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