New Image Shows Corey Clement’s TD For Eagles In Super Bowl Should Have Never Counted

Though it’s usually the other way around, Patriots fans are feeling a little bit of what it’s like to end up on the short end of the stick in regard to officiating in a big game.

Not only did the Eagles trick play on 4th down to score before halftime go un noticed as illegal, but two other touchdowns went to replay, one of which could have easy, and frankly should have, been over ruled.

With half of the third quarter elapsed, Nick Foles tossed a 22-yard pass to WR Corey Clement, who appeared to have the score. But upon further review, Clement had been bobbling the ball while trying to get both feet in bounds.

A new still frame from the play shows not only was Clement’s foot on the white out-of-bound line at the point of contact to the turf, the ball was not yet secured.


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