Eagles Fans Arrested After Leaving Kid In Car While They Watched Super Bowl At A Bar

Eagles fans in Florida?  What could go wrong!

With the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl for the third time in team history, by any means necessary, Eagles fans couldn’t miss the big game!

The game was so must-see TV, that one particular Eagles couple decided to leave their young child in the car while they ran into a bar to watch their favorite team take on the New England Patriots.


Their night ended with both of them in handcuffs.

NY Daily News has the story:

“Two over-excited Eagles fans celebrated the dramatic Super Bowl victory behind bars after leaving their son in a car while they watched the game in a bar, according to authorities.

Kristal Valenti referred to Sunday night’s NFL title game as “a very big event” as she tried to fist-bump a Florida deputy while laughing, according to court records obtained by the Daily News.

Valenti told police officers and deputies in Flagler County that she reassured her son she would be right inside the Beer House in Bunnell if he needed anything, and that “she was doing this because it was the Super Bowl and she really wanted the Eagles to win,” according to court records.

An anonymous caller had called authorities to say that the child had been left unattended in a truck outside a bar. The child would be found wandering in front of the Beer House “unattended and unsupervised.”

In addition, employees of the bar told authorities they became concerned about the safety of the child. The boy was seen running towards a nearby highway at one point.”

Only in Florida!

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