The Chargers Bought Over 350,000 Fake Twitter Followers Since Moving To LA

One would expect that with a NFL franchise relocating to a city of 3.976 million, it’s Twitter Twitter following would jump tremendously with the mass of new fans. The LA Chargers’ account did just that, with only one caveat. All their new “fans” were fake.

Twitter user @calebbmx89 noticed the jump and ran an audit on the account’s following, which revealed 359,611 of the 444,888 followers were indeed not people, but bots, purchased by the team to bolster their account at face value.

The audit was repeated confirmed by with the same results, not that the embarrassingly low activity and interaction on the team’s tweets wasn’t a giveaway to begin with.


For instance a tweet regarding the announcement of season tickets for the upcoming season garnered a mere 4 retweets.

Buying Twitter followers may be the most LA thing ever, so you could say the team is fitting in with their new city well.


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