ESPN Ranks Peyton Manning 3rd, Tom Brady 20th On List Of Most Dominant Athletes Of Last 20 Years

ESPN recently came out with a list of the twenty most dominant athletes of the last twenty years. The list includes only two Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and it may come as a shock as to where they’re ranked respectively.

Manning sits at number 3, while Brady is bringing up the rear at number 20.

Here’s the full list:


1-Tiger Woods
2-Lebron James
3-Peyton Manning
4-Jimmie Johnson
5-Roger Federer
6-Annika Sorenstam
7-Michael Shumacher
8-Floyd Mayweather
10-Usain Bolt
11-Lionel Messi
12-Serena Williams
13-Lauren Jackson
14-Cristiano Ronaldo
15-Novak Djokovic
16-Allyson Felix
17-Barry Bonds
18-Mike Trout
19-Manny Pacquiao
20-Tom Brady

Though the general notion is that a portion of Brady’s success is due to the system he’s played in his entire career in New England, there’s just as much of an argument for Brady being the greatest all-time as there is for Manning, and perhaps more.

Though Manning has more records and has won Super Bowls for two different franchise, Brady is coming off his record eighth Super Bowl in a year he won MVP for a record 4th time, there’s little reason to have arguably the greatest player in the most popular American sport to be sitting at twenty, even if he’s behind Manning.

ESPN’s reasoning for the disparity? The ESPN The Magazine piece notes that they didn’t take post season accolades and performance into account, citing “there’s no good way to compare playoffs across sports.”



ESPN may have also forgotten some swimmer guy by the name of Michael Phelps.


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