The Simpsons Predicted The Stanley Cup Would Be In Las Vegas 19 Years Ago

It’s starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but The Simpson’s did it again.

The hit show is infamous for predicting anything and everything years ahead of it happening, whether it be Olympic events, Super Bowl halftime performances, or presidential elections. Well this time, the predicted the Stanley Cup.

The Cup will make its way to Vegas this year for the first time ever, and considering the NHL just brought an expansion team to the city this season (it’s first ever professional sports franchise no less), who could have predicted any correlation between Vegas and the Stanley Cup. The Simpson’s of course.


During the episode ‘Viva Ned Flanders’ of season 10 which aired in 1999, Homer Simpson and neighbor Ned Flanders head to Vegas to show the sixty-year-old Flanders “the right way to live.” After a night out, the two find themselves hungover in their room, surrounded by the remanence of partying. Lord Stanley’s Cup can be seen on the sofa in the background.