More People Watched The 2017 NFL Hall of Fame Game Than Game 6 Of The 2017 Stanley Cup Finals

The NFL reigns supreme, folks.

The 2017-18 NFL season (sort of) kicked off last night in the 2017 Hall of Fame Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals and judging by the ratings, more people were hungrier for any kind of NFL football than a Stanley Cup clinching game.

Yup, you heard that right:


Now, lets take a moment and understand this for a second; More people wanted to watch Blaine Gabbert vs Kellen Moore than Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins try to capture another Stanley Cup Final?  That’s insane.

I always knew football was above all but nothing like this.

What makes this even more impressive for the NFL is for the first time since they started doing this whole Hall of Fame Game thing, it was played on a Thursday night instead of Sunday night:

The NFL is back, folks!