Deion Sanders Says He’s “Done With The NBA” If James Harden Gets The MVP Award Over LeBron

Memorial Day weekend came and went with two game 7s, and two legacies further cemented.

One of those legacies was that of LeBron James, who led a Kevin Love absent Cavaliers team whose second option was Jeff Green of all players to a conference title on the road.

The other was James Harden, who had a putrid shooting night against the Warriors with knowing he had to come up big with the loss of Chris Paul.


Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders weighed in with his opinion on Twitter after watching both games, saying he’s “done with the NBA” if the MVP award is given to the prohibited favorite in Harden over LeBron.

While the award is technically a regular season award with any results of this weekend’s games having no implication on who should receive it, Sanders does still have a point, with James leading Harden in almost every single statistical category as well as passing the eye test as being more ‘valuable’ to his team than Harden. Additionally, the Rockets were far wrose with Paul off the floor than they are with Harden during the season.