Terrell Owens Offers Powdered Cocaine Donuts For Critic Michael Irvin, Rips Jason Whitlock Too

In retaliation for his antics on the field and off (especially with the media), Hall of Fame voters snubbed Terrell Owens in their voting, keeping him out of Canton for as long as they could. But at last, Owens was voted in via the 2018 class, and in the pettiest of moves, Owens denied the Hall’s invite to the induction ceremony.

Unsurprisingly, many analysts and former players including Michael Irvin and Jason Whitlock ripped Owens and his decision. Irvin appeared on Thursday’s edition of NFL Network’s “Total Access and said,  “It’s not about the voters. Don’t give the voters the pleasure of knowing that they meant that much to you that when you finally got in, you’re not even showing up. And the whole while you campaigned about being in. When he did not get in, he and I were shooting a commercial together one time and he came to the commercial with a Hall of Fame gold jacket with all of his records on it. So you went and made a made-up gold jacket, but you won’t show up to get the real gold jacket? It’s something beyond my capabilities of understanding up here.”

On the same day, Whitlock reacted to Owens’ decision by calling him, “The worst teammate in the history of professional football.”


On Saturday, Owens responded to Whitlock in a series of tweets that went viral. Owens poked fun at Whitlock’s weight and agreed to meet with him once he lost 100 pounds. He also invited Michael Irvin to share some “powdered” donuts and called both Irvin and Whitelock “Uncle Tommers.”

(Sports Day)