Arizona Cardinals To Sell $75 Mega Burger At Stadium During Games

They’re going to need a whole lot more napkins at Cardinals games this season.

We’re not sure if the Arizona Cardinals are marketing geniuses and found a target market for a burger bigger than a basketball, but that’s exactly what they’ll be serving.

The team released their new menu for home games at University of Phoenix stadium on Tuesday and on it resides what’s been dubbed the β€œGridiron Burger Challenge,” a whopping seven pound burger costing a mere $75.

The incentive? If you can knock it back in one hour by yourself, you’ll get a Cardinals jersey and recognition on the video board during the game.

What exactly goes into this behemoth of a burger you might ask? Five burger patties totaling almost two pounds, five hot dogs, five bratwursts, 20 slices of American cheese, eight slices of bacon, eight chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries along with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and sauce – all sandwiched between buns spanning 10 inches.



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