Redskins Defense Taunts Terrelle Pryor For Flinching At Fake Punch During Joint Practice

The Redskins-Jets joint practice didn’t end well Sunday, resulting in numerous fights, the worst of which almost spilled into the crowd.

The bad blood didn’t stop the two teams from continuing the practice against each other into the week, and tempers were just as hot during individual drills.

On one play, Jets WR Terrelle Pryor (formerly of the Redskins) dropped a pass and was greeted with a swam of taunting Redskins defenders which included safety DJ Swearinger, who pretended like he was about to swing at Pryor. After Pryor flinched, the group of Redskins players let him have it.

Pryor reportedly caught a touchdown on the next play and walked calmly back to his huddle despite his teammates urging him to rebuttal.