Tom Brady Admitted That Aaron Rodgers is Better Than Him

As many agree that the greatest quarterback of all time resides in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Aaron Rodgers is always there each season to keep us humble in our opinion.

Sunday night was another example of just that.

As the greatest of all-time debate once again made an appearance after a hobbling Rodgers lead the Packers back from 20 down in just over a quarter, ESPN’s Ian O’Connor dropped the mic when he tweeted out that Brady once told an NFL coach Rodgers would throw for “7,000 yards” a season and that Rodgers is much more talented than he is.


“He’d throw for 7,000 yards every year. He’s so much more talented than me,” Brady reportedly said.

That quote falls in line with the ‘system-quarterback’ debate that has plagued Brady’s G.O.A.T argument, but with the 41-year-old QB likely to remain a Patriot for the remainder of his career, there’s no way we’ll find out the truth in that regard.