Rams HC Sean McVay Remembers Every Single Play He’s Ever Called As A Coach

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Rams head coach Sean McVay is a genius.

The 32-year-old coach already has won Coach of the Year and has turned the Rams organization into of the NFC powerhouse teams after taking over as head coach, replacing Jeff Fisher.

One of McVay’s amazing attributes is his ability to never forget anything. After showing off his play recall with Bryant Gumbel on HBO’s Real Sports, Bleacher Report put him to the test:


He didn’t even hesitate. It’s like he knew the play right off the top of his head, as if he didn’t have to go digging through his mind to find the exact one. Some people can’t remember what they had for breakfast some days, but McVay can tell you what happened at a specific point in a game three years ago. Remarkable.