Redskins Players Already Calling Out Fans For Not Showing Up To Stadium After One Home Game

With the additions of a Pro Bowl quarterback and one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, you’d think Washington Redskins fans would be excited about the new season.

Their attendance says otherwise.

The ‘Skins held their first home game of the 2018 season Week 2 against the Colts Sunday, and only about 2/3rds of the stadium showed up at FedEx field to watch – and players weren’t happy about it.

Running back Chris Thompson called out fans during a guest appearance on 106.7 The Fan on Monday.

“I think, as players, we go out there, we want a loud crowd, we want a crowd out there to give us a boost,” the running back told reporters Monday, when asked if he noticed the half-empty crowd. “When their offense is on the field, put them in situations where the communication may be off because they can’t hear and things like that, and we didn’t have a good turnout.”

“Me, I noticed it,” he said. “I also noticed the boos we got as well, and that’s not something that I’m a real big fan of. If you’re a fan of a team, you shouldn’t be booing them, whether we’re doing good or bad. We understand as players that we’re not performing how we should. You don’t have to boo us to let us know – we’re out there on the field.

“The one thing you should be doing, in my opinion, is cheering us on,” Thompson said. “But, you know, it is what it is. As a team, we just gotta have a better showing than that, I think. Our offense is better than what we showed. For me, I gotta make bigger plays. I gotta make some guys miss when Alex puts the ball in my hands as much as he did yesterday, and that’s pretty much it.”

Asked if he felt like the fans affected the team’s performance in some way, Thompson said, “I wouldn’t say it affects us as a team, but I know we want to have our stadium packed out. That makes us feel good. It makes us feel like we’ve got the support of the people here in this DMV area. And for it to be as empty as it was, to me, it was a little bit of a shock. I’m hoping it was because of the weather, or what was supposed to happen with the weather.

“We’ve got another one Sunday, so we’ll see. Like I said, I always want the crowd to be there to have our backs and be cheering us on, because that definitely I think is a boost for us, for sure.”

While Thompson says players weren’t discussing it on the sideline, he did acknowledge, “I think every individual player just kind of looks around and notices it.”

(106.7 The Fan)