Airport Worker Who Lost Job After Fight With Pacman Jones Sentenced To Jail

Back in the summer, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones got into an altercation with an Atlanta Airport worker, who became enraged and attacked the Broncos CB and the female he was with. This ended up being the first of many bad things to happen in this guy’s life.

The worker ended up being taken to the hospital as a result of the fight, along with getting fired from his job. In addition to that, he was charged with two counts of battery and had his mugshot taken while in a hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Pacman has since signed with the Denver Broncos to continue his career in the NFL. As for the other individual involved in the fight? Well, he’ll be spending some time in a jail cell.


According to TMZ Sports:

“The guy who attacked Pacman Jones — and then got his ASS KICKED by the NFL star — has just been sentenced to 1 year behind bars … court officials tell TMZ Sports.

Cops investigated and determined Ragin was the aggressor — and they arrested him on the spot. He was later charged with 2 counts of battery, 1 count of disorderly conduct and 1 count of terroristic threats.”