Jon Gruden Says He Doesn’t Know If Amari Cooper Trade Is Official Yet As He’s Already At Cowboys Practice

The Raiders have gone from 12-4 and many’s Super Bowl favorites heading into 2017 to a dumpster fire just two years later.

After selling off superstar defensive end Khalil Mack before the season, the team decided to just this week dump Amari Cooper to Dallas for a first round pick.

Though it now appears through the mayhem that least the team at least has a plan, the level of disfunction hasn’t even been more evident by what happened Thursday.


Head coach Jon Gruden spoke to the media following practice, and when asked about the matter, noted that he wasn’t even sure if the trade was official yet.

Meanwhile, Amari Cooper has already completed practice at the Cowboys training facility thousands of miles away.

Seems like the franchise could use a bit more communication. Might help.