Did Bill O’Brien Call Vance Joseph A ‘Dumb F*ck’ During Texans Win Over Broncos?

Shortly before halftime during the Texans-Broncos game in Denver, the Broncos tried a 62-yard field goal. The kick failed, giving the Texans at midfield with 18 seconds left.

The Texans were able to gain 21 yards on two quick plays, setting themselves up for  a 46-yard field goal attempt before halftime. Joseph called timeout in an attempt to freeze Texans kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn, who missed the blown-dead attempt.

He was then successful on the next attempt, extending the Texans’ lead to 16-10 at intermission.

As he was running off the field, CBS cameras showed O’Brien yelling something that lip readers on the internet are saying was, “Good job Vance. You dumb f*ck.”

However, Bill O’Brien denied saying this, telling Pro Football Talk:

“I was yelling at someone on our field goal unit,” O’Brien said. “I wouldn’t say that about another head coach.”

Can someone call the folks at BadLipReading to get to the bottom of this?