Rams-Chiefs MNF Game Moved To LA Due To Unsafe Field Conditions In Mexico

After a concert at Esadio Azteca destroyed the field that would be used for the highly anticipated Monday night football game between the Chiefs and Rams, the NFL has decided to move the game to Los Angeles.

The decision comes on the back of pressure from players who considered boycotting the game due to the unsafe field conditions, and the pictures show why.


The field was re-sodded following the concert, but it seems as if the NFL didn’t want to gamble on a completely new playing surface as opposed to the hybrid field that was agreed to be played from the start. The weather forecast showing rain for the next thee days surely didn’t help the decision that may have put the highest over/under matchup in NFL history on a slow, muddy and sloppy field.

The league ran into problems with the playing surface for international games when they first played a game across the pond and played at Wembley Stadium outside of London where the field was far too soft and slippery.

Los Angeles receives the home game back that they gave up in order for it to be played in Mexico.