Joe Theismann & Alex Smith’s Injuries Happened On Same Day, On Same Yard Line, With Same Final Score

Alex Smith entered Sunday’s game against the Texans as only having being ‘quarterback of the Redskins’ in common with Joe Theismann. He left the game sharing a whole lot more.

Smith was taken down for a sack by J.J. Watt during the third quarter, a tackle which snapped his tibia and fibia at the ankle, leaving only muscle, tendons and skin holding his foot on.

Watching from a suite at the game Joe Theismann, who suffered a similar horrific broken leg exactly 33 years ago to the day.

The coincidences didn’t stop there, though.

Not only did the two Washington quarterbacks have their season (and in Theismann’s case, career) end on the same day on the same 40 yard line, with the final score of both games being 23-21.

It doesn’t even end there.

Both QBs had their right legs snapped by the only two three-time defensive player of the year winners in NFL history. Talk about eerie.

Theismann took to Twitter to share his condolences for Smith immediately after the injury.