Steelers Fan Caught Choking Female Chargers Fan During Sunday Night Football Game

A video of a fan head-butting another fan int he stands at Heinz Field during the Steelers 33-30 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers went viral on Sunday night. But it wasn’t the only disgraceful act of violence that occurred.

The Pittsburgh Current has obtained photos taken by a freelance photographer that shows a Steelers fan (man) choking a female Chargers fan:


The photographer, Shelley Lipton, says she saw a man and a woman, both Chargers fans, standing up during the final few seconds of the game as Los Angeles kicked a field goal to win the game. 

According to Lipton, the unidentified man told the couple to sit down. The couple told the Steelers fan that “it was their turn” to stand and cheer. When they refused, the man lunged at the male Chargers fan and “was beating on him.” The male Charger fan told the Steelers fan that he was not fighting with him. Lipton says the Chargers fan was almost pushed over a railing. The female Chargers fan then got in between the two.

Here are the photos: